About RecyclingJobs.com

RecyclingJobs.com is owned, operated, and hosted by The Mobius Network.  The Mobius Network specializes in providing low-cost and open source technology solutions to organizations with a public benefit mission.

Mission:  To provide a sustainable, low-cost, user friendly recycling industry employment information center where employers and job seekers can connect.


1.  We measure success by a triple bottom line:  People, Planet, Profit, in that order.

2.  We do not have competitors.  If a job seeker and employer connect, it’s not important which job site it happened through, it’s only important that it happened. Therefore we will list job sites outside of our networks as additional job seeker resources.

3. We do not price recycling job services “as high as the market will bear” to maximize profit.  Instead, we price services “as low as the market will bear” to maximize savings for those we serve while remaining economically sustainable.

4. We follow the KISS principle in all aspects of RecyclingJobs.com website design and development by keeping it as clean, simple, and user-friendly as possible for employers and job seekers.